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The Fair
white and brown lounge chairs
September 06, 2022

From roomy benches to geometrical works of art, here are eight companies with the best seats at the table.

The name ATMOSFERA reflects the firm’s thinking and attitude toward design. Architecture creates a harmonious relationship between spaces, objects, and nature. Integrity, aesthetic purity, and balance are important parts of ATMOSFERA’s philosophy. The firm is fully committed to creating intellectually fresh, progressive, functional, and technologically sensitive projects. Read more.

Model No.

Model No. makes and hand-finishes every piece in its microfactory in California using only sustainable and nontoxic materials that are beautiful and durable. Because the company starts with everything locally, it can make, finish, and ship its pieces fast and limit its impact on the environment. Read more.

Tomoki Nomura Design

Born and raised in Tokyo, Tomoki Nomura is a furniture and lighting designer based in Los Angeles. His peripatetic background heavily influences his design process and enables him to find unique perspectives and approaches. Nomura won an ICFF Editors Award this year in the Seating category. Read more.


FurnitureSmith was founded in 2021 by Cameron Smith, founder and CEO of Product Creation Studio, a product development consulting firm. With his keen eye for detail, Smith emulates the human body as an innovative machine and as an art form. Pieces are beautifully crafted to be as functional as they are elegant. Read more.

Elijah Leed Studio

From a studio in Durham, North Carolina, Elijah Leed designs and builds furniture and objects for the modern inclined. Both time-honored techniques and modern methods for joinery and construction are used, with all materials responsibly sourced domestically and often locally. Intended to last generations both in function and form, each piece is carefully designed and meticulously articulated. Read more.

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen was founded in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, who still own and run the company. While the company began by selling small accessories, it has since introduced furniture. Read more.

Rottet Collection

For now and forever, indoors or out, powerful, durable and inspiring. Conceptualized in America and manufactured by the finest makers worldwide and designed to be passed on for future generations. Read more.


Located in the heartland of Quebec, South of Montreal, Bosquet creates and builds outdoor/indoor furniture as well as wood doors and windows of the highest level. Through unbound respect and tremendous mastery acquired in over 70 years of experience, the brand lets nature fully express itself: rich, marvelous, and unyielding. Read more.