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Schools Showcase

Launched in 2022, the Schools Showcase at WantedDesign Manhattan serves as a great opportunity for international design schools to present the work of their best students for them to be part of the main design trade event during NYCxDESIGN, receive feedback from professionals and start building their network.

It is as well a space for international design schools to recruit students and to connect with an international schools network to create partnerships and potential exchange programs.

Contact us at for more information on how to be part of this program.

The 2022 Best of Schools and Students Prize awarded to Re-Actors by SVA and Bill Carroll, respectively, was presented with media partner Design Milk and sponsored by Alessi. 

Read Design Milk’s article featuring the 2022 winners HERE and view the list of participating schools for 2022 below:

Re-Actors by SVA


Presented at WantedDesign Manhattan 2022:
INDIGO is a transdisciplinary exploration that revalues and highlights creative approaches to transform an everyday material: denim. A deep dive into different craft and technological processes shows how a single weave can evoke a panoply of ideas ranging from the metaphorical to the narrative. This pushes the borders to weave new life into this element: the need for shelter, ecological awareness, collective memory, nomadism or and household objects.

Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey

Presented at WantedDesign Manhattan 2022:
Everyday Collection is an analysis and interpretation of products thinking about the homes and spaces of the future, it plays with the sensations and emotions of its context and the people that surround it through use, fusion of colors, shapes, and textures, integrating them into each of the pieces.


Presented at WantedDesign Manhattan 2022:
The main purpose of the Gaze of Mexico is to generate everyday objects inspired by contemporary rituals and Mexican traditions using artisanal or local techniques. The school seeks to intertwine the knowledge of design and craftsmanship, enhancing the crafts of our communities such as blown glass, ceramics, woodwork and basketry.

Michael Graves College, Kean University

Presented at WantedDesign Manhattan 2022:
Design for Wellness & Collaboration with 3Form
Michael Graves College is dedicated to taking design and architecture to a wider public audience. Michael Graves College at Kean University carries the name and endorsement of a man who was one of the world’s premiere architects and designers.

Pratt Institute with NAMI-NYC

Presented at WantedDesign Manhattan 2022:
Design for The Mind is the result of a collaboration between Pratt Institute’s Industrial and Interior Design Departments and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Students met with trained representatives from this non-profit several times each semester seeking their professional advice about the relevance, viability, and originality of their designs. Works to be presented not only address the needs of people experiencing mental health issues, but also those of the loved ones and professionals supporting them. Our pedagogical methodology evaluated the efficacy of works through the relationships made possible by designed objects.

Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design’s immersive model of art and design education prepares students to intervene in the critical challenges of our time. Students in the Department of Furniture Design at RISD embark on a course of study encompassing theory, skills, context, research and professional practices. Drawing from a rich tradition, they are encouraged to experiment and work with a wide range of emerging materials and technologies, developing individual voices through the process of making. The program emphasizes the principles and practice of furniture design as well as the social value of art, design and responsible citizenship.

Rochester Institute of Technology RIT + Modkat

Presented at WantedDesign Manhattan 2022:
Inspired by research in the Vignelli Center for Design Studies archive, RIT's Metaproject 12 is a collaboration between RIT's industrial design program and Modkat in which students were challenged to develop products that support the company's future development.

School of Art Institute of Chicago SAIC

"At SAIC, we exceed boundaries. Our commitment to an open structure is embodied in a curriculum of self-directed study within and across a multiplicity of disciplines and approaches that promote critical thinking, rigorous investigation, and playful creativity. Through interdisciplinary practices and in deeply focused media, faculty and students conceive and accomplish exchanges in cultural study, production, and research with artists and scholars around the world. We are a community that challenges the notion that any field is ever beyond rediscovery."

SVA, MFA Products of Design

Presented at WantedDesign Manhattan 2022:
The SVA MFA in Products of Design presented Re-Actors, an interactive exhibition exploring the unique time we are living in, as students redefine the normative social behaviors we once took for granted. This exhibition is the annual showing of Design Performance, SVA PoD’s course that examines how design prompts us to perform in our daily lives.

Tec de Monterrey

Presented at WantedDesign Manhattan 2022:
'While we were away' was a group show by students of the Tec de Monterrey that presented design projects of various scopes realized in the past 2 years of pandemic. Through several exercises of critical design, furniture and product design, students created concepts and prototypes that propose new ways of living and working in a post pandemic world.