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The Fair
December 06, 2021

As founder of The Well, a holistic wellness brand that is working to shift society closer to equity in wellness, and former head of Brand for SH Group, Kane Sarhan might be one of the best people to advise us on a few products we should test out. Sarhan shared the five items that he can’t live with out—and two of them will cost you under $11.

Oxyclean & Tide Pen

yes, I’m serious. I am someone who wears whites and light neutrals a LOT. I also am a klutz and spill on myself. Oxyclean & a Tide pen save my life on the regular.

biologique recherche P50W

It’s a facial in a bottle and has completely changed my skin. I use it twice a day and have found it to be the foundation of my routine. The French really do do everything better.

THE WELL Clean Green Protein

I no longer worry about breakfast.. yummy, healthy, clean, packed with protein, this is my go to in the morning to fill me up the right way. I would love it even if it wasn’t from my company 😉

Hot Water Bottle

Sometimes the best thing is the oldest thing. A hot water bottle at night in bed is such a game changer. It’s like a mini spa experience every night. You can get one for $11 on Amazon.

Soft Services Buffing Bar

THIS THING IS INSANE! If you have any type of skin issues (KP, ingrowns, etc.) this + their smoothing solution will change the game for you. Even if you don’t have issues, it feels SO GOOD on the body. They’re a brand new brand out of NYC, founded by two glossier alums.