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The Fair
May 11, 2023

Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason have been documenting Black life at home since 2007, when they began writing a blog as a way to escape the stresses of their daily lives, she as a policy attorney and he an academic with two master’s degrees pursuing a PhD.

That blog has since become the full fledged, multi-faced brand AphroChic. “It’s dedicated to celebrating design, culture, and creativity throughout the African Diaspora,” the husband-and-wife team shares of their venture, which has expanded into interior design, product design, and content creation.

Since its inception, AphroChic has been highlighting Black contributions in the world of design and working to make space for more Black voices in the industry. Their blog and the launch of a product line that soon followed were both created in response to the lack of representation of Black homes and decor in media and the retail market. Jeanine and Bryan sought to fill that gap by creating products that were culturally inspired, offering a medium to help people tell their own story at home.

AphroChic: Celebrating the Legacy of the Black Family Home” is the couple’s latest venture, a visually striking and powerful celebration of Black homeownership that features inspiring interiors alongside the personal stories of Black Americans who share what home means for them. The design book juxtaposes these stories with a historical exploration of the obstacles that have faced Black homeowners for generations in this country. Adds their publisher, “This groundbreaking book honors the journey, recognizes the struggle, and celebrates the joy that is the Black family home.”

Jeanine and Bryan joined us in NYC for ICFF 2023, adding their voices to a panel on diversity in design. We asked them to share with us the places they look forward to visiting when home to New York City. Here are their picks.


“We moved from Brooklyn to upstate New York a few years ago. Whenever we visit NYC, we make sure to take a trip to the High Line. It’s one of our favorite places for the stunning views, walking among the beautiful gardens and water features, and taking in some amazing art. They recently installed the “NYC LOVE” mural by Nina Chanel Abney and we can’t wait to go see it!”

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“The Studio Store by the Studio Museum in Harlem is fast becoming one of our favorite places to shop. The store offers Barkley L. Hendrick prints, Kehinde Wiley notecard sets, and some beautiful books, including our new book, ‘AphroChic: Celebrating the Legacy of the Black Family Home’.”

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“We may spend most of our time upstate, but Brooklyn will always be home to us. And we’re excited to see new shops opening up, including Legacy, an old-school record store that you could literally spend days in curating the perfect vinyl collection.”

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“Every August there is the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival. The festival is a New York institution, celebrating the pure genius of jazz music. In celebrating the African-American art form, the festival is a wonderful way to hear both old and new forms of jazz. It’s super chill—just pick up a sandwich at a local bodega, put out a picnic blanket, and listen to great music all day long.”

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“We just launched the AphroChic Art Shop in 2023—we are collectors of Black art from around the globe and wanted to be able to offer works from some of the emerging artists we love. The collection includes Spanish fine art photographer Fares Micue and Haitian-born sculptor Jessica Jean-Baptiste. Fares’ work is colorful, surrealist, and expansive, while Jessica’s sculptures highlight the beauty of Black men and women in peaceful expressions rarely represented in mainstream media.”

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