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The Fair
November 21, 2022

Griz Dwight, AIA, LEED AP, is the founding principal of Washington, DC-based GrizForm Design Architects. The boutique firm, a leading hospitality architecture and design studio, credits its tight-knit team and their dedication to craftsmanship, attention to detail, awareness of historical context, and innovation for the award-winning projects that stud its portfolio.

  • The Salt Line, DC

  • Dauphine's, DC

With over 150 remarkable and successful ventures in the hospitality and restaurant industries, Dwight knows a few things about how to be a great host. “Friends and family always want to come over to our house and have it feel like they are in one of our restaurants,” he confesses, “That’s no easy task with two messy kids and a barking dog, but I have a few go-to items that can make your home feel more like a restaurant.”


A little bit of retro cool goes a long way, and we bring ours in with a turntable attached to our Sonos system. The one that we have is not as cool as the one that I would want, but I am saving up for this one.

Liquor Cabinet

As we know with any good bar design, it’s important to set up the display with lighting and a little bit of mystery. We set our tone with a Curieux Cabinet by Vintage Industrial.


Restaurants understand that there is going to be a certain amount of breakage in their glassware—but that’s not what you want for your home. We could go with plastic, but that’s not the right vibe for a nice party. So for glassware, we use the Vintner series from Simon Pearce which are beautiful but still durable and dishwasher safe. I have seen these dropped to the floor and they bounce before they break.


As any restaurant designer will tell you, lighting is key. I’m constantly adjusting the lighting levels in our house depending on what we are doing and the mood we want to set. We’ve installed WiFi controlled switches which can be adjusted on a schedule or without getting off of the couch.

Fire Pit

When the party gets bigger than your living room can handle, we like to move things outside in any weather. We keep things warm in the winter months with our Solo Stove. Once the fire gets going, it really does stay smokeless so you don’t go home smelling like summer camp.