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The Fair
October 27, 2022

We’re rounding up products that embrace the dark side of nature—the ones that see the delicate tangle of branches in the moonlight or the fall of shadows across the face of a rock and distill it into raw, soulful pieces. The pull of nature has never been more alluring.


Alfonso Verduzco

Xanamu tiles by Alfonso Verduzco are hand-built with black lava rock and barro negro clay.

The interaction between the small fragments of lava and the smooth, polished clay produces an unexpected texture, making each tile a one-of-a-kind piece.


Bespotted, a linen from Schumacher, simplifies the iconic spots of a leopard into an unexpected abstract print, leaving only a hint at its exotic inspiration.

Woven Concepts

From Woven Concepts: the Xerxes rug in Orli, a shade of distressed charcoal whose variations create the rug’s subtle pattern.

Simon Johns

Ledge is a floating console from Simon Johns made of solid ash and black glass.

Inspired by the cliffs around Johns’ studio, the ash references sheared stone through a unique technique where the wood components are scored across the grain, then carved by breaking the grain. The opaque black glass surface is a nod to the mirror effects of water and provides a contrast for the mineral presence of the base.


This Studio Gabriel Bordin-designed kitchen by Florense plays with light and shadow, using black to create an unexpected focal point of the island while cabinetry in the same color steps back, receding into the shadows.

The architect was inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept of ‘Yūgen’, in which “elements are highlighted, hidden, and mimicked on the surfaces.” He explains further that the off-white back wall, with translucent shelf lighting and white cabinetry, evokes light from windows it doesn’t have, while the quartz island, organic and dark as a monolith, takes on the function of a worktop and dining surface.

Phillip Jeffries

Transcend, a new wall mural from Phillip Jeffries‘ Fall 2022 Collection.

With watery washes of black ink on white ground, this wallpaper plays with the illusion of light in the distance, immersing you in the shadows of a forest with a canopy of branches overhead that reflect on the surface of still water below.

Studio Ocho Cuartos

The Bengu lounge chair from Studio Ocho Cuartos explores symmetry and a connection to nature with its design.

By merging concepts of architecture and philosophy values from Japanese and Mexican cultures, the chair seeks to ground the sitter, nestling them onto a lower plane to encourage a different view and a moment of pause.

Black Line Crazy

The Giddy Throw from the Wool Collection by Black Line Crazy.

Designed and handwoven in Mexico, each piece is made by a master craftsman and his family of weavers using 100% ethically-sourced wool from the State of Guadalajara. The design is adapted from an original abstract painting by Mary van de Wiel, the founder of BLC, and features the artist’s signature embroidered in the corner.