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The Fair
February 28, 2024

Founded by María Daniela Huiza and Abraham Bendheim, Juntos Projects creates furniture and objects that bring people together. Each piece supports self-expression, relaxation, and play, enriching the spirit of the place we call home. The New York-based duo also develops the designs in collaboration with highly-skilled craftspeople, rendering them with premium natural materials sourced as locally as possible.

  • Duo Bowl

  • Arc Stool

Give us some context about where you live: How long you’ve been there and how does it influence your work?
We have been living in New York on and off for about 15 years. It’s the place where we met and built a life together. What makes this place so special is that it invites people from all over the world to embody their full selves, which is also how we approach our design process. We come from very different backgrounds. (I come from Venezuela; Abraham grew up in the Northeast region of the United States.) We see our pieces merging our lived experiences and cultures. Our work sings when we can no longer see where each person’s vision ends and the other one begins.

Which designer and/or piece of work inspires you? Why?
Charlotte Perriand’s Les Arcs bench and stools, which were made in the 1960s for a French ski resort: They are beautiful examples of the simplicity and elegance of her designs. Every element is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Gio Ponti’s Villa Planchart: When I was growing up in Venezuela, this was my first introduction to design and, most importantly, to the relationship between designer and client. The project has been enjoying a recent resurgence online and for good reason: It’s a complete education on the use of color and materials to build a welcoming, playful, and authentic home.

Arc Stool

What is your design philosophy?
We believe that furniture is meant to be touched, used, and enjoyed. Inspired by the act of gathering, we design pieces that celebrate people coming together. We believe design is not simply concerned with the output, but also encompasses the full process: from idea and concept development to the responsible use of materials and ethical manufacturing. We care about how each design can enrich daily life.

Who are three designers you follow on Instagram?
@Formafantasma – Abe has admired their work for many years, and they are a constant source of inspiration for us and what design can be.
@studiomellone – Andre Mellone’s work resonates deeply with us. We love the spaces he creates, which are always layered, intimate, and warm. It’s the type of world we see our pieces inhabit.
@halleroed – Their sensibility towards color and materials is top-notch and high on our bucket list of dream collaborators.

Mortise Shelving System

Was there a moment when you realized you wanted to be a designer? If so, what was it?
We were both creatively inclined from a young age. But, if we had to pinpoint one particular moment, Juntos Projects emerged from our long daily walks during lockdown when we would talk nonstop about the many beautiful things we want to put out into the world.

Which of your pieces, products, and/or projects are you most proud? Why?
We are so excited by the reception our Arc stool has received so far from colleagues and interior designers. And to think we almost shelved it! There was a moment during the development process when we were unsure of whether to follow through or cut it. The labor involved in getting the seat curve we wanted and the angled legs just right required significant investment to pull off. But ultimately, we decided to take a chance. It has been a good reminder to always double down on our vision.

Oblique Table

What’s next? 
We are in the midst of planning for the launch of our second collection of furniture that will be debuting at ICFF this May. We are really looking forward to being back at Javits. Getting to share our work with thousands of people each day is a rollercoaster we can’t wait to ride again! In addition, we have been working on pieces for a new boutique hotel in North Carolina that will open this spring.

And just curious: What is your favorite band or/and song?
We love listening to Sam Gendel while working, especially “Sometimes I Feel So Good.” His music was quite literally the main motivator to upgrade our sound system at home.