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The Fair

Wescover Lounge

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Wescover is a marketplace of unique art and design sold directly by the Creator. Its mission is to support artisans and their original and sustainable designs. Join us in The Wescover Lounge and see how Creators Fyrn, SEED Design, HACHI Collection, Model No  and Jill Malek  have collaborated to create a serene environment that you can relax and enjoy. The space will serve as a hub for networking, learning and inspiration throughout the show.  Join us for a series of daily presentations featuring Wescover Creators, partners, designers and industry influencers.  Learn more about Wescover’s community of authentic brands, independent artists and makers ,who are transparent about who designs their products and how they are made.


Lounge Co-Sponsors:


Patented furniture system engineered for comfort, minimal waste, strength, and repairability


Contemporary and modern lighting


Contemporary furniture & objects made in New York


Artfully designed furniture, sustainably made for you in California



Bespoke Design and Wallcovering


Also featuring work by:

Moses Nadel

Woven Concepts


Candice Luter

Mi + Gei



Wescover Lounge Talks Schedule


Sunday May 15

11 a.m. Launch Pad in the Lounge
Tom Lerental, Tomma Bloom | Sara Schoenberger, Designer and Sculptor | Erica Sellers, Studio S II | Cherub “Chopp” Stewart, Florida Water Interiors
Hosted by Nora Wolf, Wolf PR

Presented in Partnership with Female Design Council

2 p.m. Outdoor Spaces
Daniel Germani, Daniel Germani Designs | Luca Nichetto, Nichetto Studio

Presented in partnership with Brown Jordan

Monday May 16

1 p.m. Maintaining your Authentic Voice
Jill Malek, Jill Malek | Sergio Mannino, Sergio Mannino Studio | Jeff Schlarb, Jeff Schlarb Design Studio
Hosted by Kathryn Greene, Hospitality Design Magazine

4 p.m. Planet-First Design
Dave Charne, Fyrn | Kevin Wildes, Model No. | Fernando Cuevas, CASAminimo
Hosted by Alissa Ponchione, Hospitality Design Magazine

Tuesday May 17

11 a.m. Custom and Bespoke
Kelly Dunn, Fathom Design Company | Susan Knof, Knof Design | Christopher Poehlmann, CP Lighting | Kevin Wildes, Model No.

1 p.m. How Norwegian Brands are Navigating Sustainability and Design
Sonja Djonne, Heymat | Annette Hoff, Fram Oslo | Ksenia Stanishevski, Volver

Presented in partnership with Made in Norway