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CLOSEUP May 2021: Arte Wallcoverings

Since its founding in 1981, Arte has combined passion for design and a drive for technological innovation in elegant wallcoverings that complement a range of interiors, from sumptuous classic to minimalist avant-garde. With hundreds designs in thousands of colors, Arte wallcoverings reflect a rich range of elegance, style and taste.

Arte’s Spring 2021 wallcoverings collections are a study in complementary contrasts, mixing tone and texture in unexpected yet surprisingly harmonious combinations. The seven collections draw inspiration from a wide variety of muses, including destinations such as Tuscan hillsides and Central African savannas; refined materials including shagreen leather and classic canework; and luxurious textures such as capiz shells and couture stitching. Arte created each of the seven collections – Samal, Icons, Manovo, Decors & Panoramiques, Les Tricots, Yala and Manila – to incorporate unique structures, creative uses of materials and rich color palettes, executed with a specific aesthetic focus. Arte’s Spring 2021 Collections will arrive in US Showrooms in April 2021.

Instagram: @artewalls
Facebook: artewalls