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The Fair
Vignette of Coil + Drift's lighting and furniture
November 29, 2023

John Sorensen-Jolink’s knowledge of movement informs the lighting and furniture he creates, with the pieces often seeming to change shape as you walk around them. The founder of Coil + Drift started the company after working as a professional modern dancer for 10 years; his first collection, which he debuted at ICFF in 2016, netted him the coveted ICFF Editors Award for Best New Designer.

Based in upstate New York, Sorensen-Jolink, whose work was also featured in the ICFF 2023 exhibit At The Crossroads of American Design, builds the pieces in-house and on a small scale. Of utmost importance to him is that every Coil + Drift object remains grounded in human connection. That means it not only reflects the hand and the maker, but also fosters a relationship, both spatially and emotionally, with those who experience it.

Below, Sorensen-Jolink discusses five moments that have defined Coil + Drift.

Coil + Drift's adjustable Hoover shelving unit, made of machined metal and American hardwoods.

Hoover adjustable shelving, made of machined metal and American hardwoods.

“The Hover shelving system feels built-in while being reconfigurable and movable. We customize the size and shape for each client. I made the original design with salvaged wood and iron plumbing pipe, and it was one of the first things I ever designed. Today, we construct it from beautifully machined metal and domestic American hardwoods, but the essence of how the unit works remains the same.”

The Bishop task light, by Coil+Drift

The Bishop task light.

“The Bishop task floor lamp is the first lamp that I made thinking about weight and balance. The base has a solid steel core that weighs the piece down so it can reach off its center.”

The Cirrus chandelier, by Coil + Drift

The Cirrus chandelier

“This Cirrus chandelier really changes shape as you move around it.  Each Lucite ring is the same width but a different height, and the way that the light moves through and with the rings is really special.”

Coil+Drift Toam Sconce

The Toam sconce.

“The Toam sconce is our most popular fixture. It’s a little workhorse that represents a simple idea: metal and wood in conversation in an interesting way, offered in many different metal finishes and wood species.”

Coil + Drift Ridge pendant

The Ridge pendant.

“Part of our newest collection, Loon, this Ridge pendant—whose shape was inspired by an Alder leaf—is unlike anything else we offer.  Its two large ‘wings’ are made of bent sheets of brass, and the verdigris patina is so colorful. It makes quite an impression when viewed up close.”

For more on Coil + Drift, listen to the Clever podcast frequent ICFF collaborator Amy Devers conducted with Sorensen-Jolink.