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The Fair
October 24, 2022

We create energetically balanced spaces with clarity and cohesion, merging the aesthetic with the energetic.

The Cristalline

Energetic interior designer and certified crystal healer Rashia Bell is the co-founder and CEO of The Cristalline, a multi-faceted energy lifestyle company helping clients to create balance within themselves and the spaces they inhabit.

As an interior designer, Bell has a uniquely holistic approach that is rooted in her healing work—a foundation she has built through her years of training and certifications as a healer . Setting her focus on the relationship between wellbeing and surrounding environments, she creates spaces that make you want to linger, even if you can’t quite pinpoint why. By incorporating the energetic and healing powers of crystals, stones, and plants into her work, Bell brings the benefits of nature to you—something we have less and less connection to in our busy lives.

  • The Class by Taryn Toomey

  • Photo by Jaimie Baird

Bell’s work with The Cristalline includes creating the studio space for The Class by Taryn Toomey, where crystals were placed below the pale wood floorboards, along windowsills, and even in the light fixtures for flow and energy, as well as the Four Seasons Philadelphia, where 700 pounds of crystals were embedded into the walls of the spa to absorb electromagnetic frequency and promote calm in the treatment rooms.

With such an attuned connection to her surroundings, where does this designer go when she’s shopping for her own home? See her picks for small shops and unique pieces below.


I am obsessed with all of the furniture and designers here.

Montana Labelle

I can always find great inspiration and marble items at Montana Labelle.

Pop Up Home

As an Energetic Interior Designer, I always think about the energy that pieces possess. Vintage pieces hold the energy of the people that lived with them. One of these days I hope to have a huge space perfect for a vintage set by Tobia Scarpa.

Casa Vida

A friend of mine just opened up a super cute shop in Philadelphia where I always find the best decorative gifts.

The Cristalline

We always have unique stone decorations that are perfect for tiny treasures. These blue onyx dishes will bring abundant energy to your home.