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The Fair
February 08, 2023

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

Frank Lloyd Wright

“The greatest American architect of all the time.”

That is how the American Institute of Architects recognized visionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1991. Establishing his own architectural style around the belief that there should be a harmonious relationship between occupant, structure, and landscape, Wright changed how we build and live. And his enduring legacy—and timeless style—continue to inspire: See three new collections influenced by the late, great Frank Lloyd Wright.

Images courtesy of Brizo


The Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection from Brizo draws its inspiration from the visionary work of the iconic architect. Created in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the collection looks to honor Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture, with pieces designed through the lens of its six key principles: belonging, simplicity, individuality, palette, substance, and integrity.

“Frank Lloyd Wright saw the world differently. And inspired us to do the same,” the brand shares, “The collection dares to challenge and upend convention—and in doing so, honors Wright’s legacy.”


The Frank Lloyd Wright Series

Images courtesy of Yamagiwa

The lamps the late architect designed for his Taliesin house in Wisconsin have been made available by Japanese brand Yamagiwa. With permission from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the licensed collection reproduces three versions of the architect’s stacked wood designs for floor and table lamps.

The designs attempt to capture the soft, indirect illumination that is the result of sunlight filtering down through the leaves and branches of a tree. Marrying nature with function, the lamps stack solid wood boxes and reflectors along a central trunk. The light sources, concealed within the wood boxes, reflect and cast light through the branches of the structure.


The Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection

Images courtesy of Steelcase

The Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection from Steelcase reintroduces, reinterprets, and reimagines the furniture Wright designed for the SC Johnson building’s Great Workroom in Racine, Wisconsin. First produced by Steelcase in 1939, the furniture merged beauty with function in keeping with Wright’s design philosophy.

The reintroduction of these pieces to Steelcase’s collection captures the spirit and unforgettable look of his designs.

“Guided by Wright’s design principles, the expanded collection reinterprets the original line of furniture for use across a wider range of workspaces and settings,” the brand explains, sharing that the collection translates Wright’s aesthetic for today’s work life. “We’ve faithfully matched the style and finishes of the original furniture, implementing only subtle adjustments to the collection’s proportions and scale to support modern users.”