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The Fair
August 17, 2021

Interior designer Leann Conquer is the queen of whimsical, fun-loving design that is sure to make you smile. Need proof? Just look to her San Francisco design practice, Chroma, whose name refers to the purity and intensity of color—which appears brazenly across all of her projects. To that end, it’s no surprise Conquer is an expert when it comes to Bay Area design shops and websites where one can discover art, objects, and furniture that will add life to any space. Lucky for us, she shared a few of her favorites….

Image Courtesy of Almond + Co.

Almond + Co – San Francisco, CA

Almond + Co is a San Francisco based gallery, established in 2011, showing rare and one of kind 20th and 21st century design and contemporary art from all corners of the world.

Image courtesy of Park Life.

Park Life – San Francisco, CA

Park Life is an independent retail store and art gallery based in San Francisco with the goal of showcasing art and design representing the diversity of the community while reaching a wide audience.

Image courtesy of MARCH.

MARCH – San Francisco, CA

MARCH provides art, objects, and utility for the home out of their Lower Pacific Heights boutique store.

Image courtesy of LCD.

LCD – Los Angeles, CA, or Shop Online

LCD is an independent concept store founded by former music industry exec Geraldine Chung with a focus on the most unique and exciting young emerging contemporary designers.

Image courtesy of Creative Growth.

Creative Growth – Oakland, CA, or Shop Online

Creative Growth is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California that advances the inclusion of artists with developmental disabilities in contemporary art by providing a professional studio environment and gallery representation.