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The Fair

CLOSEUP May 2021: Timbur

Timbur is an experienced digital fabrication company that explores the intersection of design, materiality and robotics as a source for re-imagining the fabricated world. All Timbur products are made in the USA using sustainable materials and processes.

This spring, Timbur is making its product debut with Stack and Bark. Stack is a raw yet refined collection of ergonomic, digitally fabricated furniture developed through a complex process called stack lamination. Bark is a limited edition series that utilizes texture mapping and digital tools traditionally used in CGI to replicate the complex and intricate texture of pine bark at varying scales and orientations. Both lines are made at the company’s production facility in NewJersey and designed by Timbur Founder Ezra Ardolino.

Instagram: @timburllc
Facebook: timburllc