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The Fair

CLOSEUP May 2021: Nanimarquina

Nani Marquina founded her company, nanimarquina, in 1987 in Barcelona (Spain). Guided by her passion for design and thanks to a long history on private and public use projects, nanimarquina has become an international benchmark in contemporary rugs and interior design. The textures, colours, and shapes of nanimarquina seek to improve people’s well-being.

FLORA a collection full of color by artist Santi Moix. A large collection that includes different flower representations, in various shapes and forms. Flora explores the life cycle of a flower from wilting to flowering.

TRES INDOOR & OUTDOOR, designed by Nani Marquina and Elisa Padron, Tres is nanimarquina’s bestselling collection. Tres reflects nanimarquina’s passion for craftsmanship, specifically paying tribute to the ancient craft of weaving. A desire to reclaim the basics, to appreciate the beauty in details and respect tradition. Available in a wide variety of colors, fibers and also for outdoor with 100% recycled PET fiber.

SHADE COLLECTION INDOOR & OUTDOOR, inspired by magical moments in nature where colors melt and speak for themselves. Designed by Begüm Cana Özgür, Shade is of exquisite simplicity reflects a complex technical process to achieve the density, regularity, and fluidity of the desired effect. Available in four ombré palettes and for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Instagram: @nanimarquina_official