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The Fair

CLOSEUP May 2021: Andrea Claire

Founded in Brooklyn New York in 2011, Andrea Claire Studio designs and hand fabricates custom and customizable chandeliers, sconces, standing lamps, and large-scale sculptural lighting. We are female owned and run, and pride ourselves on keeping as many women, and people of any and all kinds employed and thriving.

To thrive, we need to connect to nature in all its beauty and its imperfection. Indeed, deep down inside, we all know that the power and majesty of the outside world is one of the most healing, soulful connections we can make in our lives.

Andrea Claire’s 2021 Pisces collection celebrates the oceanic connections she made after spending countless hours surfing. Surfing brought Andrea back to the roots of this primal connection. Thus, the shapes of these creations are directly inspired by floating in sunlit waves along varied coastline’s throughout the world.

Pisces fosters a connection to the oceans, offers rhythms in form and space that evoke the intimacy of surfing, the mesmerizing movement of glowing kelp blades, and the shapes of waves. Smooth, floating brass and undulating delicately colored fiberglass balance and dance in suspension. Carefully crafted elements flow seamlessly around each other, wave-like, elegant. Sensual shapes change at each view point, creating simultaneous calm and mystery.

Highlighting these visual and tactile experiences, Andrea taps into our memories. Recalling the lessons of Proust, she realizes there is no better way to evoke memory than through the sense of smell. Thus, she offers Pisces with a complementary scent named Holdfast, after the part of kelp that connects itself to rocks on the sea floor.

The scent of hold FAST dances in an evocation of a natural connection with soothing coconut top tones, and salty, buttery base notes. hold FAST sparks memories of the beach in the moments before entry. Waxing up a surfboard, you taste the salt of the sea before going deep. You feel the cool sea water that will envelop your very being.

Instagram: @andreaclairestudio