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The Fair
August 08, 2022

From delicate chandeliers to modern shades, here are five companies lighting up spaces.

Hand & Eye Studio

London-based lighting studio Hand & Eye, founded by architect Tom Housden, designs and produces ranges that correspond to his vision of creating lighting that has a transformative effect on spaces and the people who live and work in them. Hand & Eye’s finished designs celebrate the inherent qualities of the materials and combine traditional and modern techniques and sensibilities to create unique lights, which are at home in a wide range of different settings, defining the environments they inhabit. Read more.

Tomoki Nomura Design

Born and raised in Tokyo, Tomoki Nomura is a furniture and lighting designer based in Los Angeles. His peripatetic background heavily influences his design process and enables him to find unique perspectives and approaches. By combining his wide and deep understanding of cultural variances with his technical skills, Nomura creates forward-thinking designs that appeal to a global market. Each of his furniture and lighting designs represents his intense dedication to the refinement of form and materials. Read more.


Carefully selected and thoughtfully curated, WOUD’s collection emphasizes sophisticated simplicity, longevity, and honest design based on the company’s strong dedication to carrying the Scandinavian tradition into a new era. Every product in the collection is designed by external designers from a wide range of countries. Each designer has their own expression. But together they share a modern interpretation of Scandinavian simplicity. Read more.


The Coolicon® lampshade is a piece of British history dating back to an industrial art deco Britain where hand skills and production were king. The industrialization of Britain during the Second World War saw Coolicon feature in all walks of life from factories to pubs. First patented in 1933, the Original Coolicon® shade soon became England’s choice for factory lighting due to its functional bi-directional lighting design. Read more.

Sharon Marston

Sharon Marston’s studio was established in 1997. Since then, the studio has won international acclaim for the range of breathtaking chandeliers, vibrant backdrops, and luxurious room dividers—in addition to pioneering the use of fiber optic technology in bespoke lighting. With each design the studio introduces, the light source through the specialized use of fiber optics filaments. Combine this with color and form, and it gives the work its signature ethereality. Read more.

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