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The Fair
June 29, 2021

Héctor Esrawe was born in 1968 in Mexico City. Following many accomplishments which earned him international recognition, Esrawe launched his multidisciplinary design practice, Esrawe Studio, in 2003. Esrawe’s work consists of furniture, object, and interior design, as well as architecture, public space installation, and museography. Esrawe joined us to share a few of his favorite places and things.


Post-COVID dream travel destinations

  • Naoshima

  • London

  • Lisboa

  • Tokyo

  • Iceland

Rosetta restaurant in Mexico City. Image courtesy of Rosetta.

Restaurants in Mexico City

  • Maximo Bistro

  • Rosetta

  • Merotoro

  • Lardo

  • Contramar

Items you can’t live without

  • iPad

  • Pencil organizer

  • Coffee Machine

  • Sound system

  • Sketch book

Image courtesy of Marzocco.

Dream purchase for you or your house

  • A knoox lighter

  • Mcintoch sound system

  • A set of Japanese Knifes like Masamoto o Sabun

  • A Merida mountain Bike

  • A Marzocco coffe Machine

Favorite songs

  • All For The Best – Thom Yorke

  • Closedown – The Cure

  • Gagging Order – Radio Head

  • Lullaby – Low

  • Beautiful Burnout – Underworld

Movies you love

  • Hearts of Darkness – Eleanor Coppola

  • Ghost Dog, The way of the Samurai – Jim Jarmush

  • Modern Times – Charles Chaplin

  • Brazil – Terry Gilliam

  • O Brother, where are thou? – Cohen Brothers

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