Michael Sanzone Studio at ICFF 2017 - NYC based contemporary artist presents Rotating Constructions Series

Michael Sanzone Studio presented CURIOS, a special by-commission-only series at ICFF 2017. Described as a Cabinet of Curiosities, each work in New York City-based contemporary artist Michael Sanzone’s Rotating Constructions series contains several unique collages, on double-sided wood blocks that spin by hand, allowing the viewer to interact and change the artwork to an almost endless sequence of combinations.


Sanzone views this series as a means to “break” the wall between the traditional gallery setting that can often intimidate visitors, by encouraging the viewer to be part of the process. The collages include original paintings, meticulous drawings, vintage postage, magazines, and found objects collected from around the world. These materials form the basis of his work, which Sanzone describes as “layered expressions of the past within the present, a mode of remembrance designed to reflect a human struggle to remain in contact with the past while moving towards the future.” The reuse of objects highlights the amount of waste that is produced from quotidian life, while placing such objects in an intimate new context, the Artist hopes viewers take time to appreciate the beauty of the materials, such as an intricate vintage stamp or a once prized childhood toy.


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