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Secto Design: Natural Glow 

Finnish lighting company Secto Design specializes in hand-crafted timeless lighting produced from top-quality local PEFC certified birch wood. The company was founded by Tuula Jusélius alongside her son Joakim Jusélius in 1999 after being introduced by kindred spirit and designer Seppo Koho. The Jusélius’ and Koho bonded over their love and respect for Norther wood, Scandinavian design, and professional woodworking. They began collaborations and the first Secto Design lamp, the Conical Secto 4200 was released in 1999. Today, the collection consists of 26 different models that together make up the distinctly unique appearance of the brand.

Who designs and crafts your light fixtures and where are your fixtures produced?

The entire collection is designed by the award-winning Finnish architect Seppo Koho. All Secto Design lamps are handmade at our factory, Sectomo. Sectomo is located a one and a half hour drive north from Helsinki in the middle of Lakeland Finland surrounded by lakes and forests. The factory provides work for a little over 30 highly talented local craftsmen, who are the pairs of hands behind the lamps.

 Your fixtures are very artful and sculptural. Where did this design originate? 

The designer Seppo Koho is an architect and he sees Secto Design lights as spaces by themselves. His aim was to create lamps that give harmonious inviting light. The light source is hidden and never blinds the viewer. Seppo is fascinated by the play on light and shadows, which one can see also in Secto Design lamps. The play of light and shadows together with the warmth of the birch wood give Seppo Koho’s designs a poetic twist the world.

Can you talk a little about the manufacturing process? How are the lights created?

Secto Design shades are made of certified, top-quality birch veneer that is form-pressed into blanks. The blanks are cut into slats, which are sanded and finally connected using rings of thin plywood. The slats are glued and nailed to the rings. All Secto Design lamps undergo a thorough quality inspection before they are sent to their final destination.

You value sustainable practices. Can you speak a little about this?

Finnish quality and environmental friendliness are among the key values of Secto Design. Economic responsibility ensures that forestry is equitably profitable for all. The PEFC certification of our fixtures’ material, birch, also makes gives transparency to the supply chain. We manufacture the fixtures in our own factory in Finland. In production, every piece of birch is precisely utilized. Recycling and waste sorting are prioritized throughout the whole manufacturing process and all wooden waste is delivered to a waste-to-energy power plant. For heating, Secto Design uses both geothermal and gas. We also only uses suppliers and subcontractors who can prove that also their working conditions comply with national legislation and the high ethical standards of the company.

As a manufacturer of electric goods, we are responsible for the recycling and waste management of all our products. We champion the use of LED technology and recommend the use of LED bulbs for better luminosity and lower energy consumption. The packaging, custom designed for each lamp model, is made of locally produced ecological cardboard. The use of plastics has been reduced to the minimum and alternative, more ecological materials are constantly being introduced.


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